How and Why to Value Your Business?

November 23, 2016

You’re looking to sell your leather manufacturing business. A buyer comes along and asks you to make her an offer. What’s the best way to determine the worth of your business? There isn’t one “right” formula. But, here are a few common valuation techniques: (1) asset-based, (2) income-based, and (3) market comparable. The most appropriate…read more

A Short Primer on Letters of Intent

November 23, 2016

If the parties are confident that they intend to do a deal, and are comfortable with the material terms, they may choose to skip the Letter of Intent (“LOI”) and go directly to the preparation of definitive transaction documents. However, depending on the dynamics of a transaction, the parties may wish to begin the process…read more

law firms Phoenix

Phoenix Law Firms | Dorothy Baran

October 26, 2016

Many Phoenix law firms are known for their competent and dedicated attorneys and staff. Peruse almost any firm’s website, and you can see their level of experience and qualifications. But what really makes a good lawyer? At May, Potenza, Baran, & Gillespie, we believe the qualifications of an attorney go beyond a long list of…read more

Phoenix business attorney

Phoenix Business Attorney | What to Expect

October 19, 2016

Securing counsel from a Phoenix business attorney can greatly help your business. Whether you are just starting your company or you have some particular legal needs, an attorney on your team can help you avoid major issues. Or, they can at least help you deal with problems should they arise. When meeting your Phoenix business…read more


Questions About Filing For Bankruptcy

October 5, 2016

Bankruptcy exists to help individuals and businesses get out of a difficult to impossible financial situation. At May, Potenza, Baran, and Gillespie, we sometimes receive phone calls from Phoenix area businesses and individuals wondering if filing for bankruptcy is the right decision for them. Of course, that is not a question that is easily answered.…read more

succession planning

Succession Planning | Strategy for the Future

October 2, 2016

Even if you aren’t ready to think about retiring from your business, your business still deserves a succession plan so it can carry on without you when the time comes. Often, these plans take longer to develop than business owners think. Learn how a business lawyer from May, Potenza, Baran and Gillespie can help you…read more

legal terms

Understanding Basic Legal Terms

August 19, 2016

When a person has a legal problem, it is usually best for them to work with an attorney in order to resolve the problem. Getting legal representation can also help you gain better knowledge of common legal terms, which can help you better understand your case. Here are some general legal terms that are often…read more

Phoenix attorneys

Phoenix Attorneys Are Rising Stars

August 10, 2016

May, Potenza, Baran and Gillespie PC is proud to announce that three of our Phoenix attorneys have been named as Super Lawyers Rising Stars for 2014-2015. Congratulations to Alysse Medina and Devin Sreecharana. Alysse Medina was licensed in 2009 and graduated from The University of Arizona and James E. Rogers College of Law.  She practices in the…read more


What Are The Qualifications For FMLA?

May 18, 2016

The Family Medical Leave Act, otherwise known as FMLA, was enacted in 1993. It is designed to grant family and medical leave under certain circumstances. FMLA is a law that has allowed many Americans to take time away from work to care for themselves or their families in long-term situations. Who is Qualified for FMLA?…read more

MPBG | Your Phoenix Law Firm

May 15, 2016

May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie is a Phoenix law firm with experience in a broad scope of practices. Founded in 2004, May Potenza has the resources to meet most any legal issue, while maintaining a personal approach to satisfying our clients and their specific needs. As a Phoenix law firm, May Potenza serves individuals and…read more

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