Philip May and Devin Sreecharana to present at Lovitt & Touché’s Learning Academy on August 24, 2016

Philip May and Devin Sreecharana of the Firm’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group are featured speakers at Lovitt & Touché’s upcoming Learning Academy seminar on August 24, 2016. Their presentation, entitled “An Ounce of Prevention: Business Practices that Mitigate Litigation Risk,” will touch on the following topics:

  • Drafting enforceable governing documents that address member/shareholder/partner separation and expectations with regard to the administration, operation, and sale of your business;
  • Identifying duties, rights, and obligations which you wish to include or exclude from your business relationships;
  • Educating your staff on appropriate inter and intra-company communications; and
  • Managing documents and electronically stored information in a defensible way.

For event details, location, and registration, click here.