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Same Sex Divorce & Child Custody

With the recent legalization of same sex marriage in Arizona last October, couples that choose to marry have also earned the right to same sex divorce. Under this provision, married partners seeking same sex divorce are afforded legal protection with regard to property division and spousal support.

Where is can get tricky, however, is if there is a child or children involved. Unless both partners are the legal parents of the children, there will be additional complications with custody and parenting time if a separation occurs.

Because this legislation is so new, you will want to make sure that you consult with a law firm that is equipped to handle your case. Our family law attorneys at May, Potenza, Baran, & Gillespie are prepared to help you should you find yourself in such a situation. At May Potenza, we represent the needs of families here in Arizona. In this instance, our goal is to look after the best interests of all concerned, but most especially, the children.

Our mission at May Potenza is to provide our clients and their families with personal attention and solid representation. We are dedicated to resolving disputes in a collaborative manner. We are as concerned about preserving family bonds and reducing hardships as much as you are. Especially when children are involved.

We also recognize the legal, financial, and emotional struggles that come with family disputes. We want to help reduce these hardships as much as possible by working with both parties to find reasonable resolution.

In addition to representing clients, our family law attorneys sit as judges pro tempore. In this capacity, they enforce the law and resolve disputes from the bench. This service garners the respect from other members of the Bar and shows our attorneys’ commitment to the practice of family law.

Should you find yourself in need of family law representation to handle a same sex divorce case, we invite you to contact us at May Potenza. Our level of care and experience can help you when you need it most.

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