Summer Associate Program

May 14, 2018

May Potenza Baran & Gillespie would like to welcome Kathleen Shaffer and Alexander Daniel to our Summer Associate Program. The Firms Program introduces accomplished third year law students to the practice of law. Over the course of the summer, Kathleen and Alexander will gain practical hands on experience working with our attorneys and staff on…read more

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Keeping Your Vacation House in the Family

January 17, 2018

Jeffrey M. Manley 10 Reasons You May Want to Consider Talking to an Attorney If you own a vacation house long enough, eventually you may watch a family saga of some sort – Mom and Dad pass away, leaving the vacation house outright to four siblings who have never gotten along.  The four siblings, their…read more

Special Needs Trust

June 28, 2017

Jeffrey M. Manley Sometimes parents or grandparents set up trusts to benefit children or grandchildren, but when beneficiaries have special needs, a standard trust may not fill the bill. Generally, trusts are appropriate for transfers to minors since they protect the assets until the minor can handle the funds independently.  However, if a loved one…read more

Summer Associate Program, May 2017

May 24, 2017

The Firm recently welcomed Elizabeth May and Ryan Beachum to its Summer Associate Program. The Firm uses the Program as an opportunity to introduce accomplished third year law students to the practice by assigning challenging projects and allowing for direct participation in client meetings; observation of depositions, hearings, and mediations; and drafting of memos, briefs…read more

How and Why to Value Your Business?

November 23, 2016

You’re looking to sell your leather manufacturing business. A buyer comes along and asks you to make her an offer. What’s the best way to determine the worth of your business? There isn’t one “right” formula. But, here are a few common valuation techniques: (1) asset-based, (2) income-based, and (3) market comparable. The most appropriate…read more

A Short Primer on Letters of Intent

November 23, 2016

If the parties are confident that they intend to do a deal, and are comfortable with the material terms, they may choose to skip the Letter of Intent (“LOI”) and go directly to the preparation of definitive transaction documents. However, depending on the dynamics of a transaction, the parties may wish to begin the process…read more

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Common Forms of Commercial Litigation

October 28, 2016

At May, Potenza, Baran, and Gillespie, we provide a range of commercial litigation services for businesses. While not an exhaustive list, here are a few of the more common types of commercial litigation services we provide: Breach of contract Since contracts form the basis of many types of business relationships, it is only natural that…read more

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Phoenix Law Firms | Dorothy Baran

October 26, 2016

Many Phoenix law firms are known for their competent and dedicated attorneys and staff. Peruse almost any firm’s website, and you can see their level of experience and qualifications. But what really makes a good lawyer? At May, Potenza, Baran, & Gillespie, we believe the qualifications of an attorney go beyond a long list of…read more

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The Need for a Corporate Law Firm

October 23, 2016

For any corporation to succeed, it must seek out an accountant and a corporate law firm as early as possible. Accountants, of course, keep the financial house in order, which helps prevent unnecessary lawsuits because of poor bookkeeping. A corporate law firm, however, is the most valuable asset any corporation can have. Corporations that wait…read more

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Phoenix Family Law | National Cases With Local Effects

October 21, 2016

Landmark family law cases have a nationwide impact, affecting marriages, family dynamics and more. The following three cases all reached the Supreme Court, and their influential rulings have affected Phoenix family law and laws across the country. Here is a look back at decades-old cases and recent rulings that have greatly shaped the family law…read more