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Whether you are buying or selling a business, incorporating as a non-profit, negotiating a contract, dealing with securities and tax law, or have an intellectual property claim, you may need the services of a business lawyer. Finding the right attorney can be crucial to your success and peace of mind. Learn what accreditations a business lawyer should have before you hire a Phoenix attorney to represent you in business proceedings.

What Accreditations Should a Business Attorney Have?

Like any attorney, a business attorney needs to have passed the Arizona State Bar and possess a J.D. degree from an accredited law school. Beyond these minimum qualifications, a business attorney should have several years of experience working with different types of business legal matters.

A business attorney may have one or more Certifications from the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. These demonstrate comprehensive legal understanding in the Certification subject area. A skilled business attorney may also have won awards from legal bodies for their service or expertise. These awards and certifications demonstrate that a business attorney has been recognized for their skill and hard work by an independent third party. This vetting serves as a stamp of approval and lets you know that other qualified legal professionals value the work and experience of the attorney in question.

Evaluating the Credentials of a Business Attorney 

How do you evaluate the credentials of a specific business attorney before hiring them? This should be very easy, luckily.

Any attorney should have a web presence (be it independent website or social media portal like LinkedIn) that provides details about their undergraduate and graduate education, their professional affiliations, awards and certifications, and professional service.

Additionally, any business attorney should be able to discuss his or her experience with you and recommend a course of action to proceed in handling your case. We at May, Potenza, Baran, and Gillespie always discuss our personal and professional qualifications with any potential new client to establish a level of trust.

Do not settle for a Phoenix business attorney who does not possess the qualifications to represent you to the fullest. You deserve a qualified business attorney, and you can find one once you know what credentials to look for.

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