Philip May and Devin Sreecharana to present at Lovitt & Touché’s Learning Academy on August 24, 2016

July 28, 2016

Philip May and Devin Sreecharana of the Firm’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group are featured speakers at Lovitt & Touché’s upcoming Learning Academy seminar on August 24, 2016. Their presentation, entitled “An Ounce of Prevention: Business Practices that Mitigate Litigation Risk,” will touch on the following topics: Drafting enforceable governing documents that address member/shareholder/partner separation and…read more

ERISA | Protecting Your Rights

May 27, 2016

When it comes to saving for retirement, every penny counts. This is certainly one reason why workers seek out employment opportunities with pension plans and other retirement benefits. In such a position, contributions to a retirement plan can be made by the employee, the employer, or both, depending on the terms of the employment. And,…read more

Phoenix estate planning

Phoenix Estate Planning | Timing

May 25, 2016

When is the best time to begin your Phoenix estate planning? It’s actually never too early to start. If you have any valuable assets, either financial or emotional in nature, the time is now to get your affairs in order. More importantly, if you have children or other loved ones who rely on your for…read more

Phoenix estate planning

Phoenix Estate Planning | Never Too Early

May 25, 2016

Many of us don’t like to spend a lot of time thinking about the end of our lives. We prefer to think of passing away as being something that is going to happen in the far future. Admitting the need for a plan means we are admitting to our own mortality. But the thing is,…read more

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Same Sex Divorce & Child Custody

May 22, 2016

With the recent legalization of same sex marriage in Arizona last October, couples that choose to marry have also earned the right to same sex divorce. Under this provision, married partners seeking same sex divorce are afforded legal protection with regard to property division and spousal support. Where is can get tricky, however, is if…read more

Same Sex Divorce | Child Custody

May 22, 2016

In June 2015, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that legalized same sex marriage in all 50 states. Of course, along with this ruling, comes the issue of how to handle same sex divorce. The Logistics of Same Sex Marriage Many couples who lived in states where gay marriage was banned or not…read more

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Defining Arbitration & Mediation

May 20, 2016

At May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie, we advocate for the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) whenever possible. For those who are unfamiliar with ADR, it is more commonly known as the umbrella term to describe arbitration and mediation. Arbitration and mediation share some similarities in that they are both alternatives to traditional court litigation.…read more


What Are The Qualifications For FMLA?

May 18, 2016

The Family Medical Leave Act, otherwise known as FMLA, was enacted in 1993. It is designed to grant family and medical leave under certain circumstances. FMLA is a law that has allowed many Americans to take time away from work to care for themselves or their families in long-term situations. Who is Qualified for FMLA?…read more

MPBG | Your Phoenix Law Firm

May 15, 2016

May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie is a Phoenix law firm with experience in a broad scope of practices. Founded in 2004, May Potenza has the resources to meet most any legal issue, while maintaining a personal approach to satisfying our clients and their specific needs. As a Phoenix law firm, May Potenza serves individuals and…read more

Are You Qualified Under FMLA?

May 15, 2016

If you need to care for a family member or are experiencing a serious health condition, you may be assuming that you can take time off from work under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). While this option may be available for some, FMLA does not cover every employee in every situation. How to…read more