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Phoenix Law Firms | Dorothy Baran

Many Phoenix law firms are known for their competent and dedicated attorneys and staff. Peruse almost any firm’s website, and you can see their level of experience and qualifications.

But what really makes a good lawyer? At May, Potenza, Baran, & Gillespie, we believe the qualifications of an attorney go beyond a long list of accomplishments outlined in a C.V. We believe that, at the heart of any successful attorney, there needs to be a certain drive, determination, and passion for the work they do.

Qualifications and More

Take, for example, one of our partners, Dorothy Baran. When you read her biography on our Attorneys page, there is an impressive amount of experience to her credit. Ms. Baran has certainly established herself as one of the legal leaders among all Phoenix law firms. But Ms. Baran’s extensive background is also a true testament to her character and how she applies her knowledge to everything she does.

Ms. Baran has worked for 28 years with both large corporations and small businesses. She has represented a wide array of clients including executives, employees, medical and dental professionals, and entrepreneurs. This experience has exposed her to a broad spectrum of issues, which has contributed greatly to the depth and breadth of her capabilities and has allowed her to serve as a “go to” resource for her clients.

Only Part of the Equation

But, as stated, experience is only part of the equation. Being a good lawyer also takes a certain talent, which Dorothy definitely has.

“I have always had a knack for synthesizing a lot of information,” she says. “I can anticipate issues well before a problem emerges.”

When it comes to her areas of expertise, Ms. Baran says she can “navigate the complexities of the 21st century legal maze” in the practice areas of Real Estate, Business Law, Civil Litigation, and Employment (discrimination, internal investigations, contract claims). In this role, she advises on various business matters including risk management, shareholder relations, contract disputes, and opportunities.

Additionally, Ms. Baran has the ability to handle high dollar commercial and residential real property transactions; develop and implement strategy for negotiations and litigation; draft and negotiate contracts; and help company executives implement best practices and perform corporate due diligence.  And, on top of all that, she also works with large commercial loan transactions for banks, prepares legal opinion letters, and gives creditor advice on how to enforce obligations.

Optimistic Reality

Ms. Baran’s approach to her work is to always have a positive attitude. She says that she likes to work closely with her clients to brainstorm creative solutions and to solve problems holistically. According to Ms. Baran, “My favorite clients are optimistic, but also realistic about potential outcomes.”

When you’re looking for representation from Phoenix law firms, we invite you to consider Ms. Baran or any one of our experienced attorneys. At May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie, we are committed to our clients and to standards that exceed the norm. For questions or to schedule a consultation, contact us here.

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